power of an 08

im picking up my first 450 in about a week. im coming off of a 2002 yz250f, which was worn out and i was just wondering if im gonna be able to handle the power of a 450. im 15 135lbs and been on a bike for 8 or 9 years now. i have a tendancy to twist my wrist a lot being on my 250f but ive been told that on these modern 450 mx bikes you have to know where to stop your wrist. is this true? or can i pinn it coming out of a turn like my 250f? also, where can i get a kick ass graphics kit for a white 2008 yz450f? thanks.

The 450 isn't as intimidating as you think. Granted, it will rip your arms off if you want it to its not too bad. Its like the 250 but can effortlessly lift the front wheel off the ground. You'll get used to it pretty quick and it will put a smile on your face everytime you pull the throttle. The hardest thing I had to deal with is the 450 has much more torque so blip the throttle a bit less on jumps if you panic rev.

go to www.afterburnermx.com or www.ridenow.com

personally, i like the One Industries graphics the best. Also, look for Enjoy Graphics ~ they're bad ass too.

FYI. dont know if will work, but if you go to One Industries, try "EXTRA10" and it might give you additional reduction at checkout.

thanks guys. any other opinions?

thanks guys. any other opinions?

yeah, don't snap the throttle before you know how quick it is :p

The power of the big thumper is extremely linear and intuitive. If you open the throttle a little, you will immediately get a little more power. Open it more, you get more. No surprises, other, perhaps, than the total amount available. It's very smooth, very predictable, and very controllable, with no sudden hits or flat spots. You need only dial in as much as you're comfortable with.

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