Spring rates...

This past winter I had the suspension on my '06 YZ450 rebuilt and new springs installed to go with my 235 lb weight. I am in the military and have been deployed to Iraq for a few months and I have been working out like crazy and I am down to 205 lbs (ish) in weight. I am an Vet C rider, actually just turned 40 and I am looking for advice on wether it is worth me going to the trouble and cost of respringing or should I just go as is? Thanks in advance.

first of all, thanks for looking out after us over here. I just had my suspension redone about 5 months ago for my 210lb. weight. I would recommend leaving it and starting on a soft comp. setting and see if its OK. I've always found bikes being a little oversprung as compared to undersprung were a little more controllable. You may appreciate the stiffness as you get faster. BTW I'm 49 years old. Just my opinion.

You could always just get springs too

Not revalve the whole thing too.... But I would do what he said first too

Hi Dp2Boy, did they increase the spring rates for you? If so, what rates did they install, and how do you like it? I'm 210 lbs myself and have been considering go up on the rates. Thank you.

i'm pushing about 200 right now and was thinking of respringing too.

You should try to set your shock sag. That's how you truly know if you need a new spring. If you can get it close to spec I wouldn't worry about it. If you can't then it just means that you won't be using all of the available stroke of the shock. Did you replace the springs in your forks too?

And thanks for supporting us overseas.

Anyone who is considering respinginh their stock bikes...do it. Most bikes come stock set up for a ~165lb rider. If you respring and set you sag and damping correctly it is the cheapest performance gain you can make. Suspension is a huge part of the offroad equation. Ask the experts and most will tell you the same thing, make the bike fit you and then worry about making it faster.

My input.

the YZ450 is sprung for a rider in the range of 170-185.

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