Help me out on two ?s my compadres!!

Just got back from a days riding on some very challenging trails in Tower City PA. Lots of big loose rocks, plenty of sandy conditions and some big hills. Overall, I was impressed by the performance of my XRL, even with the stock deathwings. One thing that MUST change for me is that I have to lower it. I dropped it once just turning it around on a trail because I couldn't reach the ground. My questions regarding lowering it is how much can you raise the forks since there's a tapered area at the top that looks like will only give you about 3/4". Second, I bent my shift lever about 90 degrees. I was able to bend it back about half way on the trail but I'm wondering if it will break if I take it off and put it in a vise to bend it back all the way or if it will weaken it too much. Any thought are appreciated!

if your shift lever is aluminum it may break when bent back to its normal position, your probably better off buying a new one because it may weaken it if it doesnt break.

the shift lever will probably break maybe if you heat it up it won't. it will never be good as new you should maybe try to straighten if for temp or spare use and buy a new stock or aftermarket one.

I was leaning in that direction, but I figured if it was definitely doable I'd save a few $$.

You rode the mighty L out at ROCKY Tower !!! :thumbsup:

WOW, that's some serious trail riding . I have been out there a few times but not on my L and it will stay a NOT ! I'd go if I had more of a rat bike and a smaller one.

Those trails are tough, even on a TRUE trail bike that weighs 100 less pounds!

:excuseme: No pictures ?

Did you go with a member that belongs to TC ?

You don't have a quad do you or acess to using one for out there? :excuseme: Maybe you no like quads though ?

The shifter .........I think if you heat it, it won't break and you can get it back to perfect almost, going to give it a try ?

Well Hufster, YES I was on the "L" all day on some ridiculously rocky trails. There were many times when I said "Thank you Lord" and I meant it!! There were several times that I was completely out of control but just never went down. Some of those trails were NOTHING BUT loose ten to twenty pound rocks and was kind of like riding on huge marbles. I found that my best technique was to loosen my death grip a bit (but not enough to let the bars get yanked out of my hands) and to some degree go where the bike wanted to go. Other than that I was usually ahead of the quads, but they were more of the utility type ones than the racing ones. We rode for about seven hours and I am really shocked I didn't go down many more times than I did to be perfectly honest, but all in all the "L" was surprisingly stable considering the terrain. At times I understood why you guys like to get shorter gearing because even first was too tall many times and I had to do alot of clutch work. I had to chuckle to myself at times when I remembered that only last week I was riding this thing on the interstate:busted: I do have some pics and I'll see if I can get some help on my end getting them posted, probably on a new thread.

PS I went with three guys from my church, one of whom is my pastor and one of whom was a former member. They let him (the former member) bring us and rent a campsite for $40 each including riding all day Saturday. The weather was perfect and not too much dust in the morning since it rained the day before:applause:

The L is a pretty good rock bike. It just smashes 'em flat!

I'd love to get to Tower City, I love that kind of terrain.

Any good hills?


go with the MSR shifter.

I'll check into that shifter - thanks. As far as hills at Tower City, I wouldn't say that there's an abundance of them, but there are some and they range from small all the way on up to "No way I'm even considering it":eek: . Plenty of coal dust mud too after the rain. A bunch of quad guys were up to their tanks in it and amazingly the ones with good tires and four wheel drive got out on their own:crazy: :crazy:

the stock shifter is steel, that thing is good for a few bends. My shift has been bent in all sorts of directions, last time it was bent the rock it hit bent the shifter and pitched my kick stand spring off. Bent it back with assorted tools and rocks that I had avaiable. The thing is mint now, the weird bend it has now fits my boost perfect.

However, I do carry a spare steel shift at all times.

I'll tell ya, it's pretty strong steel too. I put it in a big vise, put a torch to it (didn't burn the paint off oddly enough) put a set of vise-grips on it and still couldn't get it nearly back to original shape. Then again, I'm spindly:cry:

The L is a pretty good rock bike. It just smashes 'em flat!

I'd love to get to Tower City, I love that kind of terrain.

Any good hills?


Won't smash TC rocks flat ! Some of them are huge!!

Yea Bibleman, best to relax, let the bike do it's own thing inbetween ya, and keep a good momentum. Newbies tend to go too slow thru rocks and that just makes it harder.

I hate rocky terrain though but am no slouch at going thru it. :excuseme: I just feel sorry for the bike I guess :excuseme:

.........and to think it was 10 bucks for the day at one time!

Did you meet school bus John ? I think that's what they call him ? Skinny guy that runs the place, between 50 & 60 I think. Used to ride a CR 500 all the time, no idea what he has now?

Yes I certainly did meet John. Nice guy, but I never would have guessed he ever rode a CR500 by looking at him!

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