426 idle problems

My bike starts fine and idles fine after starting, but as soon as I give it some throttle it will go into a fast idle. If I adjust the idle to bring it down I have to turn it back up right away or it will die. I cleaned the carb reall well and I'm at 1 1/4 turn on my pilot screw. Any ideas?

I think thats normal, I just set my idle without touching the throttle.

Sounds like you need the next larger size Pilot Jet. I believe this is called a "Hanging Idle", and is from the pilot circuit not getting enough fuel.

I just replaced my pilot screw with one that comes out the bottom of the carb so you can adjust it with your fingers. I bought the one recommended. I did start having this problem when I replaced the pilot. Might that be my problem?

Did you readjust it per the manual, or just screw it in?

I did use the manual. I'm at a 1 1/4 turns right now after some adjustment.

If you don't see an obvious air leak, check your valve clearances. The intakes may be tight.

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