650R exhaust tip

Hello Ya'll

I am looking for an exhaust tip for the R. I know there is one on eBay but who also has one. Thanks, Tony

i've got one of the ebay ones. pretty simple design, for the money its nice though. its just what you see, plus a small screen that goes between the bolts and the stock pipe. for the money its hard to beat if you plan to keep the stock pipe.

I was hoping to find just a stock one. Thanks, Tony

I have one, interested?


I am interested it. How much do you want for it and do you take PayPal? My zip is 08048. I am in the Navy also. AME1 Tony Houk

Does anyone else have a stock exhaust tip? Thanks, Tony

I have one thats had the baffel drilled out...haha, try the HRC!

I have a couple stockers but I live a very long ways from Jersey.

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