New to four strokes

Hello, I just bought 2000 yz 426 and seems to be in good shape except for rear wheel bearings.(that is in my other post:foul: ) anyway I have read about the450 cam mode and wandering what I should replace along with cam. It starts good now, but I have yet to get it hot and try to start. I have been reading post for days and everybody says to check the valves and change the oil so I figured I would start there. I thought why I was there I might as well put 450 cam in, since everybody on here has good things to say about the cam swap or should I just ride it like it is for a while? What do you guys think?

The DCM cam mod is the best thing you can do overall for the YZ426. You can ride it for a while and then do it, but all that will do is make you better understand why you did it.

While, not why, you are in there, it's probably due for a cam chain. It will add another 30-40 minutes to the job, but may save a lot of grief.

What little time I have been here, I have learned that you know what your talking about .:worthy: So Buy chain and cam, is this all?

Also an ignition cover gasket, and if you need them, a flywheel puller and a #27 Torx bit.

i just bought 2000 yz426 also about 2 weeks ago, first you have to learn the starting ruitine wich is very easy. for a spark plug i use a cr8ek it has 2 electrodes and makes my 426 start dead cold or hot first or second kick. change all the fluids in your bike, replace the oil filter, clean air filter just to make sure, check valve gap, check side cover gaskets, make sure to check how tight your spokes are before you start riding, and then go ride.

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