The Art of War


I know we'd rather be talking about carbs, trannys, and events, but the environmental movement is working each day to shut us down. Take a moment sometime and learn about what the enviros are doing...know thy enemy.

Do two things: 1) Check out the web page for Southwest Center for Biological Diversity". You'll see their views about us and how they use science to their advantage; 2) See their call for help below (they're just as dedicated as we are:



Logging and road building have devastated old-growth forests in California's

Sierra Nevada, threatening such species as the California spotted owl, Pacific

fisher, pine marten, and red fox. Off-road vehicles, water diversions and

livestock grazing are degrading habitat for hundreds of species including

the Little willow flycatcher,Yellow-legged frog and Yosemite toad.

The U.S. Forest Service is now taking comments on a draft plan which is

supposed to curb these abuses. Its preferred alternative, however, does

not provide enough protection for forests or streams. Please email them

by August 11th and say:

- Alternative 5 provides the best long-term protection for watersheds,

old-growth forests, roadless areas, tourism, recreation, and wildlife.

- Alternative 5 will best protect water quality. Water is the single most

valuable economic commodity in the Sierra Nevada’s national forests.

- Alternative 5 would cost taxpayers far less than the timber industry's

choice and would cost less than the budget for the Forest Service’s

preferred alternative.

Send comments today to:

USDA Forest Service - CAET

Sierra Nevada Framework Project

P.O. Box 7669, Missoula, MT 59807

EMAIL: (enter "SNFP comments: select Alt 5"

in subject line)

FAX: (406) 329-3021

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