Top End Refresh

I tried to do a search but didn't seem to come up with an answer to my question: if I'm doing a complete top end refresh on an '06 what parts should I order ?

That depends. I'd say you'd need to tear it down and see what it needs first.

Is there any wear on the cylinder? Can you, or do you want to reuse the piston? have the valves shown any wear at all?

I guess I'll wait until the thermometer drops below 100 here in Texas and then tear into the bike. I suspect the valves are good because the bike only has about 60 or so hours on it.

OK, hypothetically if I wanted to have a completely fresh top end would I be looking at valves, springs, cam chain, tensioner, piston, rings ? I guess I might have to have somebody look at the valve seats too, huh ?

That parts list is only part of what you need. If you're replacing valves, you need valves, springs, valve seals, valve guides, and valve retainers (lotsa little parts). It's likely the valve seats will need to be recut or replaced for the new valves to seat properly. You'll also need piston, rings, circlips, wrist pin and bearing, cam chain (recommended, anyway), maybe the tensioner, and gasket kit (damn, that's a lotta stuff, ain't it?)

Yup, maybe too much for me, I'd better turn it over to somebody thats done one or two before.

If a valve job is needed, it should be done by a good specialized machinist who is familiar with YZF heads. If it isn't needed, then just replace the springs and seals.

If the bore shows any wear, it needs replating, or replacing. The rings are a given. The piston is reusable if you're not mostly racing with the bike, and it shows no significant wear at the skirt, the pin bore, and the ring grooves.

60 hrs? and your thinking about doing a full top end rebuild? Wtf?

Preventive maintenance my friend, preventive maintenance.

At 60 hrs, all you should need is rings, a cam chain, valve springs and seals. For perspective, my '03 has never been apart, nor needed a valve adjustment. It probably had 50 hours on it when I got it 3 years ago.

yeah it seems a lil early to be doing all this but if you want to be safe... that is good too!

i must have tons of hours on my 04 that i bought new... i would think 100-150 hrs... and i have never done any maintenance... yeah i know i should and will do the timing chain and tensioner this winter but just saying... you are still way ahead of the game

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