Quick oil screen question

I checked the owners manual and I didn't see anything about the downtube strainer, so I'm wondering if someone could clarify something for me. It appears as though there are two different bolts. One smaller and black that is next to the oil line and the other that's in the frame. Do you take the black one off first and then the one in the frame?

The little one is the oil tube attachment. It is usually easy to get off. The other is the screen. It can be a real bear to remove. If you use an open end wrench it strips easily. I take the oil tube off and use the box end of a combo wrench or a deep 1/2 inch drive socket.

OK, so oil line off first then the other one. I've heard horror stories, so I'm getting myself mentally prepared. Funny thing is I remember my '79 XT500 had one too and it was a real bear to get off as well. Go figure. Thanks for the info!

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