My own personal Moab

Unfortunately I am not able to attend the to be historic meeting of you guys in Moab. But I've done the next best thing. My brother-in-law and myself have booked the dates of Sep. 21-23 to fly from TN to Utah and take the tour with Elite Tours. We will be using their bikes, KDX 200's (I hate green). We will camp out and ride for a couple of days. Should be great time. If anybody would like to join us, then let me know.

Hey Spur, What do you have to spring for this getaway?

I took a tour in Reno (Nevada Motorcycle Adventures), and was wondering what the price is compared to that. (minus airfare of course)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Richard, I did the Elite tour last August, and can attest that you will have a great time. Dale Pariott has lived in Moab for about 25 years, and he knows the terrain better than anyone. This will ensure that you will ride the best possible locations depending on the conditions.

We rode in the La Sal Mtns, camped out and awoke to drenching rain the next morning. Dale said not to worry, the rain will stop in the desert by 11am. Sure enough, by the time we drove down and unloaded the bikes, the rain had stopped and the dry sandy riverbeds were perfect...firm on top from the rain, and soft a few inches down - perfect for power slides.

The bikes are super well maintained, and pretty good overall bikes for the terrain.

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