best mods? wr 450

Finally made my desicion, gonna get new wr 450 once my xr 400 is sold or before, anyways ive read about the free/cheap mods. yz stuff. anybody else got recomendations on aftermarket exhaust? other things to get the best performance out of the 07/08 wr 450


Any MX system will give you an earth moving power gain.

Do the exhaust system first, as it is the only thing holding the bike back.

i think you'll find that the free mods with a jd jetting kit or GYTR jetting kit will squeeze a lot of performance out of the WR.

the aftermarket exhaust will be like icing on the cake. my buddies have had good success with the white bros E2 and pro circuit Ti-4. i've got the FMF powercore 4 with a quiet insert that i like.

GO for the Pro Circuit T-4 system, a bit loud but sounds grat



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