650R on a motorcross track

I had both bikes in the truck and headed down to Speedworld MX track in Phx Az and my MX'er blew the countershaft bearing and broke the case , so instead of going home I unloaded the pig and hit most of the jumps except the 75ft table , with the desert gearing on the piggy I could not get out of the corner fast enough to clear and flat landed her and blew a hole in the ground like a metor hitting the earth, and when I got done with my session on the pig the track officials came over to me and made me unplug the headlight as it was distracting the other riders,LOL

Good stuff 468,we got an 80footer at the local i've always wanted to have a crack at it on the BRP.

Fantastic vids, I hope to get my bike air born when the weathers better & I feel a little more confident (as I haven't rode for years).

I was thinking of selling my XR to maybe get a CRF450X or a WR450 because of the weight & the e-start, But what I have read about the CRF's valves etc & the Wr not being so good on the road & higher maintance has put me off. I think I'm going to stick with my XR.


This is a pic of me on my 1990 CR250 but I went to the same place on my XR & ended up rolling over the tops without the front tire leaving the ground :banghead: Roll on summer & hopefully have some pic/vids of me doing the triple :busted:

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