Good tire for lots of rocks?

We have some rock slides up here that we climb but it is hell on tires. The slides are up to half a mile long and one might be close to 3/4 of a mile. They are all rock, ranging in size from golf ball to softball size with some larger ones also.

We have tried a few different tires but they are usually chewed up bad after one day. One of the guys I ride with had a Dunlop tire on one day and it was a slick when we got done. The guy he bought it from said that it was probaly just a bad tire.

I imagine that there probably isn't any tire that would last long taking this kind of abuse but I am hopeful that there is one that will take it a little better. I have just started buying the cheapest brand of tires I can find so I don't have to spend so much on tires. The softer a tire is the better it is for rocks right, or is it the other way around. Thanks for the suggestions.

If any of you live around southeast Idaho you should come up and try them.


WR 426

In OZ I have had luck with a Bridgestone ED12. Seems to be wearing OK.

Believe it or not, the best wearing tire I've found to date, in any conditions, is the Michelin S12. I know, I know, it's a MUD/SAND's not made for rocks...well, I'm here to tell you. I put a set on my Husaberg, that had a tag, so I did some street too. After two gnarly trips to Colorado, countless rides here in KS & MO including Chadwick (Home of Rocks), plus no less than 200 miles of street...the were in pretty damn good condition. The guy that bought the bike even said "well looks like the tires are fairly new"..."uh...ya...fairly new.." We had run Pirelli MT21 DOT tires in Colorado that looked horrible after ONE ride, let alone the whole week. I was stunned to say the least...thus a new set just went on the WR.(739's are a total far THE worst tire I've ever been on.)

Now, that said, those rock slides are usually littered with VERY sharp fragments and no tire is going to hold up well, especially if you're flogging it up the steeps. But, I found the soft Michelin compound to actually give, rather that slice like hard cheese. The harder the tire compound the more they'll actually shed knobs. I mean if you're buying new tires every few rides anyway, it's worth a try.

Thanks for the info guys. I don't buy that many tires a year, I usually run them till they are completely bald. I will probably give both the tires a try. I know what you mean about the rocks being sharp Scott, one guy that came with us got a flat on the first try up the hill. He was very pissed and had to go back to the house. I think I will give the mud and sand tire would be a good idea. The dirt out in the brush here is pretty soft anyway, well where there isn't any rocks. I have tried to get my buddy to try a paddle tire but I imagine it wouldn't take very much abuse. It also would be a pretty rough trip up to the hill :) . I have never ran a paddle tire though so I don't really know. Thanks again.


WR 426

I tried an s-12 once. On the front it started chunking and tearing off Knobbies was a daily occurance. Never again. On the back i lost about 8 Knobbi's the first time i took it out. For soft terrain they are great but for hard rocky they suck. Try the H15 or the M12. They wear kinda fast but dont chunck. For a cheap tire try the cheng shim 755. it is a hard terrain tire and it is cheap. i have used mine for about 8 rides now and the wear is minimal. I also used it at moses lake and it did fine in the sand. nothing like a paddle but it worked. I think you would really like the H 12 by michelin

If you don't mind going to a little bit thinner of a tire in the rear, try the Dunlop D606, which is a street legal tire. It looks very similar to the 739/756 tread pattern, but less space between the knobs. I rode one for over a year, and they are not great in sand or mud, but I never lost any chunks on rocks in that year either. I think my new 739 A/T wore almost as much in a single weekend as the 606 wore in 20 weekends + street.


I ride in Chadwick (mostly rock trails). Quite a few of us have switched from Michelin's to IRC Volcanduro tires. These seem to stand up better than any others. The lugs grip good and stay sharp. They will chunk out in small localized areas if you abuse them enough, but the lugs will stay relatively sharp. We used to go through tires quickly until we went to the IRC's

lewchris is right, I made it all up, S12's suck in the rocks. I mean anyone that chunks a FRONT tire on a daily basis must know!

Farmboy, I used to ride an XR600 with a 17" rim. 17" tires are slim pickens but I used the IRC VE33 Vulcan Enduro. It was the only tire I could find in 17" that would last at all. I ride the bigger rocks up north of you that didn't wash down the state. Dunlop 752's last about half a day, 755's about 3 rides, and 756's on front last awhile but don't hook up as well as the 755's. I've got a new bike this year so I will have to try more tires. The IRC VE33 hooked up ok but I think there are better tires waiting to be found.

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