'08 Yz450

Well, I decided to buy myself a BIG birtday present... Got me a new YZ450 with the white plastics... I was going to go with blue but that was until I actually saw the white... First ride was at Moses Lake sand dunes, bike rides NICE, the low end power is a little weak but one I hit 3rd it's all good... I'm really heavy right now at about 235lbs at 5'10" a lot of muscle and a tad bit of fat too and the suspension works great, I'm sure much better when I get down to around 200lbs...

Well I'm pissed now

Could you do me a favor???????????????

BUY ME ONE TOO ! ! ! !

COngrats on the purchase. I got an 06 and I am extremely happy with it. You ride the Moses Lake dunes much? You should head down to the Oregon Coast dunes with us.

im curious about the exhaust on this bike....how well does the short muffler work? and i heard it has mechanical baffles inside to keep it quiet, it this correct? since yamaha put a short muffler on it, does this mean exhaust companies are going to follow the trend and make aftermarket exhausts that are just as short to keep the weight more centered?

Yes the muffler is short, and the bike is very quiet if you ask me... My cousin has a '04 CRF450 with a PC pipe and his is freaking LOUD, mine sounded so little...

When are you going to Oregon? Flags are required their correct?

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