Hey you guys near Northern Cal/Nevada

It's possible in a few weeks I might drive out to Reno on business and bring the WR.

Where can I ride near Reno?

Is there riding near Tahoe? Last time I was there (a few weeks ago) I thought I saw some trails near Truckie. Are their trails there?

Are the noise ordanances as strict in Reno as it California?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


Bryan if get to reno call me i'll try to hook up and show you some spots to ride ,boomtown,or tahoe i know some good trials.

monty wk. phone#707-446-4066 8;00am to 5;00pm :)

Hey guys, I'd be interested as well, as long as it's not dual sport, my bike is not set up for that . Mid Sept would be good. Let me know.

Mike in Roseville

Thanks guys. The only problem is that I might have to do my riding during the week. I might have to drive on the weekend.

I'll let you know if it takes shape.


Unfortunately, I'll have to ride during the week if I go.

If this happens, Wednesday, 09/20 would be good. I'm not sure about the other days and how my schedule will fit.

Also, after making that long haul, I doubt I'd want to venture much farther than Reno or Tahoe.

Any takers or advice on where to ride?


Bryan: I live in Reno and have suggestions on riding area's around Reno. The easiest area to get to is called the Moonrocks and has been the site of several National H & H's and local races. The area's beat up with lots o' whoops but I can give you pretty good directions to some good single track there. This is in the high desert north of Reno. Maybe 6500 ft elevation max.

As far as Tahoe goes, most of it is in California and is strictly controlled. Some locals have recently been riding on a trail called the Tahoe Rim Trail which is highly verbotten and will surely result in some serious sanctions against off-roaders in general. There's also the famous Rubicon Trail at Tahoe if you're into that kinda thing.

Anyway, There are some other areas in the mountains I can provide for you but no real single track that I know of. Lots of jeep roads and logging trails. I'm sure there is some single track, I just stick mostly to the dez where I know I'm legal.

The guys at Reno Motor Sports (775) 322-1499 will surely know of some good stuff up around Tahoe/Truckee. Ask for Dennis or Paul. Or, even better, post your question on the race talk forum at www.racemrann.com. MRANN is the local desert racing organization and has many hundreds of members. Also ask about single track on Peavine Mountain, lots of that there. There are many, many, people in this area that use that site regularly and can help I'm sure.

As far as noise restrictions in Reno vs California, there are no restrictions in Nevada on noise except in organized events, and even then they've never been enforced. Ever. Spark arrestors are required on all Forest Service and BLM lands, but again, they've never been enforced. California will require you to get an out of state off-road permit. I think they call it a red sticker. As opposed to residents green sticker. It's $20 at any local M/C shop, including those in western Nevada.

I hope this helps...

You can e-mail me at LEDLUNG@prodigy.net.

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