Well, she's dead...

The bike that is. I had a engine problem at the track today. I was learning a new table today and cased it quite a few times since the lip was destroyed by a quad race last night. I landed a bit short (suspension didnt bottom, but mine is VERY stiff) and the motor made very abnormal sounds as it died. When I tried to kick it, it has some compression (hard spot, but after you can kick it over with your hand). The bike made a bit of a rattling sound when I would give it a good kick, and will not restart. I tried for a bit to start it, but really knew something was very wrong when it abruptly quit and made a unique sound (cant remember the sound, it happened very quickly, and I was a bit anxious about the jump). I did get a flat tire, but think it was unrelated. The bike felt very squirly (traction wise) in the run up to this table (table-table out of a turn, with small gap between) so I am fairly sure I got the flat before the motor tapped out.

I will tear into the bike tomorrow to give more details, but wanted to get an idea of what to look for. My dad thinks it will be something in the bottom end, since it happened right after a violent impact (this was a large table, 80-90ft, which I cased several times today). I have never been into the bottom end, but after I get the top end off I guess I will just keep going untill I find something bad (assuming I dont find valves in my piston).

I checked the valves (and they were in spec) around X-mas time, and I have put at most 30 hours on the bike since then (probably less) since I broke my rear wheel durring spring break and took forever to get it fixed. I have never been into the bottom end of this bike (or any bike, just a jet-ski) so I am not quite sure what to look for if I make it that far tomorrow.

Any tips/pointers/words of encouragement?

I just quit my summer job and have have a week or so before I head off to school, so I will be spending as much time as I need to in order to get this fixed before school starts.

Edit: Ohh yeah, its an 03 if that helps. I have had it for about a year or so and taken very good care of it. Always has fresh oil in it and a clean filter.

What bike?? Year??

Check your valves and the electric to see if it sparks.

2003 YZ450f

could have a stuck valve or mabe your valves are way to loose making that rattlng noise. thats what a problem was for one of my bikes.

So I got the tank etc off and was working on the valve cover when I noticed the carb out of its bootie and twisted a bit. GOOD NEWS!. I guess when I cased my brains out on the last attempt the carb got yanked out of the bootie. I'm still going to check the valves etc, and take a good look inside to make sure nothing got into the motor durring the 1.5 hour drive home without the carb on there.

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