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I need some honest advice from you guys....please no biased opinions cause you are all Yamaha lovers :)

I am looking at a 98 wr400 and I have a few questions.

Is this bike capable of being a full hare scramble race bike?

Am I going to have a lot of expensive repairs needed?

Is the suspension capable of motocross and exacly how does it differ from the YZ400?

How does this bike compare to one of the most capable woods bikes, a KTM300exc as far as speed and handling in the woods?

Thanks for the help!


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how much do you weigh?

if you weigh 15olb you don't need to do much to the sussies. the ktm is probably as good; but they are different animals. usual rules for 2s & 4s apply.

they are very reliable. the carb slides crack on the early ones, & very rarely a con-rod has let go on the yz. you can't do a one-mile straight on MX gearing forever you know!!!


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I have a 99 wr400, I live in western Pa.

This summer I ran some HS on my wr, the power is nice, the whole bike is nice, but for one thing they're top heavy.

In tight woods with slick conditions, you find yourself fighting to keep the bike up, which starts to kill your shoulders..

and it is just not me, two other guy's at the track say the same thing..

If you race more open, the wr is hard to beat.

More tight woods, I would go with the 300 exc..

If you want to buy a 99wr, I'll sell you mine.

I found a 99 300mxc I want to get..


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I've ridden WE400 fom '98.

I don't know KTM300.

So I think depens on your riding situation.

WR is better in high speed section, but you feel sorry to choice this bike in enduro situation.

But this bike has power.

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