Super Motard - Event #1

Good morning all,

Well, the weekend was long and very tiring.

Neil (Splint) and I drove upto Wollongong Saturday morning. About a 10 hour trip hauling a large trailer. Afterall, it is all uphill.. :)

The event was on Sunday. There were a total of about 40 competitors from MX, SuperBike, FlatTrack and Hackers. The top three riders on the day were:

1. Eddie Warren. Yes, the American ex-supercross and motocross champ

2. Shawn Gyles - Current Australian SuperBike champ I believe (tipped to race WSB) and former MX champ

3. Mitchie. Running a shagged out ROAD rear tire before the race even started. No notable successes, yet... :D

I will write a story some time tonight for your reading pleasure..


Yes, it certainly was a great day, and for any of you blokes who haven't seen super-motard I recommend that you go out and see it, I can't believe the amount of slide and pace these bikes got on a tight go-kart track, I'm thinking of giving it a go my self just because of the sheer fun factor( and your bike stay pretty clean too!)it truly is URBAN MOTORCROSS, thanks Mitch. :):D

P.S. here's that web site I told you about check it out for helmet cams and national events etc.

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