Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, White....

Hey Guys,

Orange versus Blue is the latest hot ticket. So, here goes some useful info on what to ride and how to make your desicion.

I think we need to look at this from a different perspective. We need to compare the KTM with the YZ, not the WR. Why, the KTM is a race bike, that is why it was built and that is why it was designed.

At the supermotard event this weekend, there were a few KTM's, quite a few blues and lots of Whites (Husky's...) and even a DR400. Of all the bikes that had the best ability to power out of a corner (assuming they had traction) with more presicion and control were the Yamaha's. The other bikes tended to squirm and jump around.

Making a desicion on a bike should be made based on the following:

1. Need. Trails, MX, Enduro, SX, Street

2. Ergonomics

3. Riding style. Do you flow, are you aggressive?

4. Maintenance/Parts. If you cant get the parts, dont get the bike

5. Reliability. Not what the factory or magazines say, but what other riders/hackers like us say.

6. Budget

7. Feel. Which bikes inspires confidence? Once again, who cares what the pro's ride. The Pro's will ride anything if they are paid enough. Remember, they are paid to ride, so their opinion does not count.

Anyway, good luck. And, whatever you ride, it does not matter, Just enjoy and dont ever forget which forum was not biased and which forum you all came from when the 400 4's forst came out.


PS. WR/YZ. yes, you need to make a few mods, but when you do.. WOW. Incredible TRACK bike, not necessarily a woods bike.

PSS. DR400. Incredible bike with incredible power. Falls under the same banner as the Yamaha, needs a little work to rock and roll

PSSS KTM, great bike, but I feel that too many people are believing in the Hype assiciated with racing. When your bike comes back from the shop with a NEW pipe or a new bit or something. it always feels faster.... Thus, if you think, based on conversation, the bike is faster and turns better, then it probably will. The only true comparison is to run back to back times. Then you will really know.

I can't agree more with you Mitch! I probably do the Moab trip next year,as in my bike is only 4 weeks old. And I'm coming off just riding ATVs and mountian bikes.

I am so glad I found this forum. Thanks for all of the info.

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