Stering Stabilizer for '07 XR650L

Has anyone installed a stabilizer on their XR650L? I am finding it very hard to figure out. I have made phone calls to several manufacturers & now I am more confused than before I started! :banghead: I am 6'3.5" and have installed a set of ROX risers & love them. It looks like I will have to lose them. Any suggestions?

which risers? im 6'5" and i have the 2" pivoting risers. made all the difference n the world ! thats right DENN, free!LOL!!!:thumbsup::busted:

which risers? im 6'5" and i have the 2" pivoting risers. made all the difference n the world ! thats right DENN, free!LOL!!!:thumbsup::busted:

Martin -

I have the 2" riser & love them.....I don't want to lose the advantage I just gained!

I'm only 5'7" and I'd rather have the risers - farther forward and taller - than have a stabilizer. I did the risers from ThumperRacing. It's an L, it's a big stable tank anyway.

Seems like most of the aftermarket clamp companies don't have an exact set-up for the L to do fat bars with stabilizer that has a good (forward/high) position.

Anyone know for sure?

There is not a bolt on kit that gets the bars forward (and up) that is compatible with a stabilizer and works with the key switch and speedo mount from the XR650L.

Unless I don't understand the way the ROX risers work, I'd think the stabilizer kit that Scott's has for a stock XR650L would work fine. You just replace the top bar mounts with the Scott's bar clamp.

I ended up going the route of an RSW top triple clamp with Scotts bar clamps. The bar clamps can be set forward and are a bit taller than stock. The RSW clamp is a nice piece and has provisions for the key and speedo mount. It took several calls to Scotts to get the right parts figured out but it worked out well. You do have to grind a little material off the RSW clamp and the key switch housing to clear the stabilizer post but it's not a big deal.

I have the Scott's parts numbers written down at home and I'll send them out in an separate post so anyone wanting to use this combo doesn't have to go through all the measuring and discussing with Scotts.

Call BRpit

They may have a setup that works.

If you aren't locked into being able to adjust the stabliizer on the fly, you can mount the stabilizer on the lower triple clamp. They make brackets that bolt between the fender and lower triple clamp, the stabilizer then sits sideways, with an extension arm back to a point on the frame. WERs mount this way, and I believe that you can actually get a Scotts to mount this way as well. I am sure if you called them, GPR would help you with this setup as well.

Like I previously mentioned, you won't be able to play with the knob on the stabilizer all that easily (unless you had a GPR with the remote control kit), but you will also not have to change a single thing on your bar mounting setup that you like.

I have called all the above mentioned manufacturers. Scotts has a bolt on set up, but I would lose my handle bar height. GPR doesn't make a set up for the dare! BRP says they have one, but they order it from Scotts. I found another company call RTT motorsports Stabilizers in Lake Havasu, AZ. He has a set up that everything fits, he would just have to make a bracket for the turning signals. It has option of 1/2 or 1" risers. I could then use a higher bend bar & be at the same place or better than now. I plan on taking it to him in a few weeks. I will let you all know how it goes......

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