So freaking confused!?!?!

I am in the market for another bike. Just sold an 05 yz450f. I probably can't afford any better then an 06 whatever. I have been so set on getting an 06 yz450f. Thru 2006 all I heard was the 06 is night and day better then the 05. I will admit I never felt turn comfortable on the bike and got tired quick but I am 39 but finishing top 3 in vet c. Now I here all the 06 complaining and now here the 08 is night and day better. Will the 2010 be night/day also better. I just wish I could ride one but don't have that option. Then I have a good deal on an 06 kx450 that maybe is better the the yamaha. All I want is good confident turning that will not tire me out so much. JUST DON"T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! Sorry just had to vent.

I have an 06 yz 450f and i'm super happy with it. I've also heard that the 08's are great bikes, but much better could it be that the 06's?? I don't know, maybe it depends on your skill level. Since i'm a slower rider maybe i can't feel some of the changes they have made.:excuseme: I think if you can get a good deal on a 06, it would be worth it.

You can search if you like, but I doubt you'll find anyone who used to have a steel framed YZF saying that the '06 was not a HUGE improvement. There are a lot of people here who bought one to replace their CRF and thought it was a far better bike. But nothing will satisfy everyone, and there are some people for whom nothing ever seems to work.

Buy one. You'll like it.

My whole focus is on handling and light feel. Also I wonder if I would be really fast enough to find these flaws some talk about. I figure this will be my last bike for a bit and just wish to make the best decision. Granted, all the bikes are SO much better then I can ride but I just want the bike to help me as much as poosible. I love the Yamaha reliability and I have a rekluse I could use on it also. I still really lean towards the yz450f. I just wish some would not be so emphatic about turning problems with this bike.

I have a 4 month old White YZ450F with suspention done and a few mods. What is your weight. I am going to a new bike.

I had an 06 KX450 that was a good bike, all but the 4 speed. Hated that. I sold it to buy an 06 YZ450 and love it. I just installed a rekluse on my bike yesterday and I can't see anything feeling any better. I also had my suspension done and that made a world of difference in the turning department. I am a 35 year old C rider myself and I felt the stock forks were just way to harsh in the beginning of the stroke. I would go with the Yamaha, nothing is going to last as long.

I have an 06, I don't see the turning problem, I had been riding an 04 CRF250R, and the YZ turns MUCH better than that bike. Also had an 03 YZ450, the 06 is way better in every way.

gtxkid, I weigh about 180. I guess the stock springs should be good for me. Thanks for the feedback guys, Especially the kx450f comparison. Was there anything about the KX you liked better?

I went from a YZF 450 to a KX 450 F and LOVE it!!! I prefer the 4 speed transmission as I don't have to shift as much. I race B Class and @ 33 I can't complain about less shifting... and I have never felt "in-between" gears, even through the technical sections of the track.

I'm not sure the difference between the 06 to 08 would be that worth the extra $$$ (Pro's probably). You could take the extra $$$ you save and have the suspension done!

All the bikes '06 and newer are great bikes - Pick a color and have fun!

Matt, Your PM folder is full. I wanted to know how much time you have on the bike and what you need to get for it. I'm done riding till October because a Disney trip (wife delt with too many injuries in past) but want a bike for some fall riding. I have cash ready to purchase.

KAW450. What year YZF did you have? Thanks

I just sold my 06 Suzuki Rmz 450 and got a 06 450f Anv leftover and totally love it.

It is so much light feeling than my suzuki , the suspension is great right from stock and the power is great.

I don't think you could go wrong with a 06

Check out the video on yamaha's web site, it will tell you the big changes in the 08. Wish I could afford one, but just a pipe dream.

Pull up the YZ450F and click the video tab. Very Sweet.

I have an '06 Yz450f and love it as well. After tuning the stock suspension, it really shines in corners for me. Easy to ride and has nice power.


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