Texas Trails

Any residents of the Lone Star State (or frequent

visitors) that can tell me where to ride in the

Houston area?

We're travelling from Michigan down to the big "T"

in April (to visit in-laws), and I thought hooking

up the trailer and bringing the 426 and 125 would

provide a "Yama-getaway" from in-law chatter once

the novelty wears off (about an hour after we get there!!!)

Mike in Michigan

Mike D.,

We've got some great places to ride near Houston.

What kind of riding do you want to do? MX/SX at a track or trail riding out in the woods. Either way we've got plenty of both.

Send me an e-mail kelly@atlantispoolco.com and I'll give you some great places to ride in the area. Find out from the inlaws what part of town they're in.

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