sand suspension set

ok..i've tried the suspension forum and they were somewhat helpful..but let me just throw it out there..i ride an 03 255..and i know i should have the suspension revalved to me and so on..i do not have money like that and i just ride for fun on the weekends on roads in the everglades..mostly sand..and i have violent bar shake when riding straight..i have adjusted tire pressure and it had little i had first had my sag at 4 inches..and the center of gravity was very very i was still some people said i could go above the higher side of 4 inches of sag because i do not jump anything.. its all pretty much flat i put my sag at 6 inches..yes it is a lot..but im a big when i turned my spring up (lowering the bike)..i sagged my question is..without buying the stiff spring..or steering damper..or revalving..or anything like there ANY way to at least make my rear suspension hold me decently?..when i made my sag at 6 inches today i had already made 4 clicks H on the bottom adjustor on the shock..and all the way stiff on the top adjustor clicker..and then i turned that big bolt on the top of the shock..i think its high comp...?..and i hopped up and down on it more than i would ever hit while riding..and it seemed stiff towards the bottom of the stroke..but it still had some room to go down there....i wondered if i was bottoming out? really did not feel like it..the front forks feel fine for me..they actually were too stiff when i had put the top adjustors 4 clicks i backed them out and started from the original does anyone have anything to add? how i should set my adjustors to be decent?..because i am not looking for a pro tuned race machine..i am content with the stock stuff and cannot spend more money on if anyone has any suggestions just let me know..i would appriciate it..just to make the suspension tollerable..thanx-josh:ride:

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