Heavy Duty throttle cables for an Edelbrock Pumper on an '06 XR650L?

Well, I just spent the weekend installing and uninstalling my Edelbrock Pumper carb. I removed the stock carb and installed the Edelbrock just as easy as pie,but when I removed the stock cables and installed the ones that came with Edelbrock Twist Kit everything turned to poop. I routed the Edelbrock cables exactly the same as the stock cables but just couldn't get them to function without binding at some point in the steering radius. I then tried routing them 50 different ways from Sunday, still poop. So I had to take the Edelbrock back off and put the stock carb back on. The first thing i noticed when I pulled the Edelbrock cables out of the package was that the actual cable and the housing are a much thinner gauge than the stock Honda cables. Unfortunately I can't use the stock cables on the Pumper because the stock cables are threaded on both ends, whereas the Edelbrock cables are only threaded on the throttle housing end.

Does anyone know a good supplier or manufacturer of heavy duty or custom made throttle cables that would work on a 650L with an Edelbrock Pumper carb?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks! :worthy:

I bought a used eddie and had the same problems. I had already ordered longer heavy duty cables do to the new height from risers and new bars. I ordered from motionpro.com direct. They have some really nice super duty cables. They twist tube I received with the carb was not working, lots of binding. I noticed it was the same as the stock honda twist tube. Tried the old one, and bingo! No more troubles. Good luck!

+1 on the original throttle tube.

kinda off subject, but when i put on my fcr with the cables that came from SUDCO(motion pro cables) i fought with with em for 3 hours(7-8 beers!). still using the stock twister, i found i wasnt getting the actual cables routed correctly inside the throttle housing. FINALLY got em right and has been great since.

That's the first thing I checked Martin, and they were hooked up properly in the housing, I wish it had been that simple. :confused:

Have you tried terrycable? www.terrycable.com

+1 ill be hooked up when i do all my mods since i got these guys and XR's right in town for all my needs.

Have you tried terrycable? www.terrycable.com

I just tried their web page, they seem to be having some "technical" issues, the "Custom" cable link doesn't go anywhere. :excuseme:

I'll give them a call later on today.

Any new info on the cable problem? I too put on a new carb yesterday I bought from barnumspro. The cables are binding. I did get a chance to crank and ride it. It feels like a different bike to me! I noticed instant throttle response.

Now if I can get the binding issue out of the way. Anyone have any new suggestions?

Ok guys, I fixed the throttle cable. I ended up reusing the stock cables because they look stronger and are more resistant to binding. :applause:

I love this carb!! I went for about a 20 mile trip this evening in the city and highway and I have to say I have no regrets at all. It is so much smoother now. It pulls hard throughout and no HICCUPS. I'm not saying that the CV carb sucks but mine never performed right. All you guys on the fence about buying the Quicksilver, I say go for it. It has no choke because you don't need it. It cranks over super quick. Anyway thought I would write an update.

By the way: I have my bike uncorked, desnorkled, and Uni filter. Oh yeah 14T front sprocket. :thumbsup:

Ok guys, I fixed the throttle cable. I ended up reusing the stock cables because they look stronger and are more resistant to binding. :applause:

How did you get the stock cables in to the carb?

I ended up ordering two sets of custom cables (Murphy's Law and all). One set from Motion Pro and one set from Terrycables. With Motion Pro, all I had to do was call them with the Cable measurements. With Terrycables I had to send them the cables that came with the Edelbrock so they could use them for a template. I asked Terrycables to make them an inch longer than the ones that came with the Edelbrock (hopefully it'll help alleviate the binding problem).

I'll let everyone know how I make out once they arrive. I was told the turn around time for cables is around two weeks.

Have you contacted Edelbrock yet? You may have gotten the wrong cables with your kit. Call there tech line, and I'm sure they'll be able to assist you.

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