Desperate need

This is a crazy story. On sunday a nice young man came and looked at my WR400. He was a great guy and said he'd call me around 8:30 if he wanted the bike for sure. later in the evening, my pastor came by to take a ride on my father-in-laws horses (he keeps them in my barn). He was interested in my WR and asked if after the horse ride, could he ride the WR. He is an experienced rider. While he was on the horse, the young man called and said he'd take the bike. I let my pastor take a ride anyway. What would be the harm, right? Well, after the crash I need a header and guard, and there is a hole in the left side radiator. I had a 426 header on there so I could get to the oil filter easier. I need to find a 426 header and guard and a left side radiator (the side with no cap) to get it going again. the young man wanting is is being very understanding. Would anyone with a 426 header and guard or a left side radiator to fit a 99 wr400 please contact me with info and prices. I just can't believe how silly I was in letting them take a ride. He is a good friend and feels awful. he's paying for the replacement parts. Thanks a bunch in advance. -Jerry

Sorry to hear what happened. Theres a guy who fixes radiators for a reasonable price. Might be a faster turnaround for you that ordering a new part. Heres the website.

Yep, I'd send the radiator to Myler's. I sent mine there and it was messed up, only cost about 70 bucks to fix it. Great guys, good turnaround.

there is a hole in the right side radiator.

and a left side radiator (the side with no cap) to get it going again


Which side is it you need?

I have a brand new right side (cap side). I've tried to sell it, no takers, have almost tossed it in the trash a few times.


It is the left side (sorry for the confusion), but the right side is in question as well. I KNOW the left side has a hole in it. How much will you want for the right side? -Jerry

I have a 426 header and 426 radiator if that will work on your bike.

That would be awesome. Can you PM me with details? Does the header have the heat shield as well? It would be great if these would work. Does anyone know if a 426 radiator will work on a 400? Will the shrouds line up properly? Thanks. -Jerry

i have a stock header from a 99 wr400... no heat shield though.

Thanks Red. I've got one of those too. I'll probably reinstall it until I can get one for a 426. The guy still wants the bike when it's fixed and he prefers the easier oil filter access. Thanks anyway though.

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