wildest bike youve ever ridden or built?

with more modern mass produced bikes i got to wonder whats the bike youve most enjoyed building or ridding?

i used to race Lambretta's a few years back as well as ride em on the road

for you americans a lambretta is a Classic Italian Motorscooter,,,, basically petrol driven sex on 10inch wheels.

I used to race a 1969 Lambretta SX200

the modified engine spec read as follows;

aluminium barrel bored out iron liner added then a ceramic coating added with extra boost and transfer ports machined in and original barrel induction port welded up.

[original was cast iron with 2 small transfer ports]

yamaha racing reed block welded onto the crankcase and fitted with modified boyeson reeds,

Yamaha piston with original ports welded up and 3new ones machined in

original crankcase web machined to accept a Rotax con rod , and yamaha big end and little end bearings

Crankcase re-enforced with extensive aluminium welding to stop it from trying to twisting in half

34mm AMAL non power jet carb no air filter

billet watercooled cylinder head, outboard water pump from a caravan [trailer]

heavy flywheel machined down and a lightwieght fan from a washing machine[!!!] bolted on

Electronic motoplat ignition

One off expansion chamber with carbon fibre tail pipe

The frame mods included;

Fuel in frame tube.

Electronic rev counter

hydraulic disc

and race seat

See it here ; http://communities.msn.co.uk/JugglingMonkeys/dribblingoldmen.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=36

theres also a bunch of my drawings etc there,,,ignore em

in original form it struggled to make 12bhp

when i finished it made 41bhp

i left it looking very 60's and original looking

i loved the look of shock / horror / disgust as i left road bikes/ sports cars in a cloud of silkolene smoke

i also fitted a 1959 lambretta TV175 with an original 'wal phillips fuel injector',,,,,that was in 1986 haha

as a matter of interest what bhp does a new yz250 make?

Link to my ride

Loving every minute of it.

How about:1. a street legal HD XR750 flat track bike. 2. Yamaha TZ250 roadrace bike 3.Bimota DB3 4. EX Factory Honda XR628 with baja gearing 105mph+ 5.Yamaha RD350 (Daytona 410 production class winner) 6. Yamaha RZ500 7.Suzuki RG500.8.BMW R100S with Rayjay turbocharger. just some fun bikes i've owned and or ridden.

Modified to the limit Kawasaki 500 triple, very hard to stay on that hard flat seat of the 70's. When this bike it the power band it was awesome. mike

Late 80's early 90's Suzuki GSX1100R - Swiss 'version' - final model just prior to introduction of limiters/governers/catalytic convertes. It had about 150-160bhp. Only indication of what gear you were in was the speed you were going....it accelerated like crazy in all gears. That bike was 100% street legal and just completely nuts.

A highly modified Yamaha TT500 Flattracker, A 650 BSA Flattracker. The miles and half miles are cool but nuthin's more fun than sliding around in a rodeo arena with an Iron pipe fence 12" from your footpeg on a track made of cow turds. It gives a whole new meaning to hollering OH **** ! while you're crashing.

this is my other flying bike


1973 Suzuki TM400..What a ride

my street legal CR500 super motard was pretty wild

yamaha TT500 stuffed in a yz 125 frame, kawasaki dynamite 60? with hodaka 100 motor (it would wheelie in every gear!!)

a JAP speedway bike. when i was only 14yrs old.it took me for a fun ride.

i believe her name was shelly. i could be mistaken

I used to ride this bike:


(Read more about it at http://www.h2ooh.com/aberg)

When drag racing on El Mirage dry lake, this thing was virtually undefeated. Imagine pulling a 10 bike lead against a new CR500 and only shifting twice! Doing third gear starts, it would jump on each thump like you would not believe.

I wish I had never given this bike back to the guy who gave it to me. I was living in an apartment and had no place to store it. A few years ago this bike was for sale in the classified section of Cycle News. Asking price was $50,000.


Wildest bike I ever rode was an XR750 flattracker. Outrageous horsepower and light too! Not to mention the transmission was flipped so you had to shift down instead of up. Once I figured that out, it was insane enough that I almost pinched a hole in the seat!

i was about 12 yrs old and owned a minibike with 3hp briggs and straton.after a while it just wasnt fast enough.so me and couple buddys came up with the perfect plan.we broke into the gardeners shack at a nearby golf course and stole a 12hp wisconsin engine off the back fertilizer pump truck .we spent almost are whole summer working on that minibike and trying find parts to make it work.the engine was same shape as briggs only 3 times size. we finally got it to fit but had to make hole in seat for sparkplug to fit.it took us 3 months to find a clutch that would fit 1 1/2in. shaft.ill never forget the day we got it running.we were lucky it had electric starter cause we would never of been able to pull start it.my buddy wheeled over a old car battery strapped to a skateboard connected jumper cables and vrooom engined fired right up. i jumped right on it for the first ride.grabbed a hand full of throttle and bike shot right out from between legs.then all i could is stand there and watch as this monster minibike went down my street at full trottle bouncing off of parked cars to like it was in a pinball machine.it did $7000 damage in less then 30 secs[my dad had too work a lot of overtime to pay off that bill].that was only time i got to see it run, as soon as my dad finished giving me the beating of my life he thru minibike in back of his truck and brought it to dumps.then rushed home to apologize to neighbors and give me another beating.

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