Shifter positions?

I am having problems finding the right position for my shift lever. I just replaced the stock lever with a sunline. Saturday night in the SX races I bumped it up a gear in a corner in each race killing the bike. Also bumped it down in second in the rythem section just making it on the rev. I am a little over level with the pegs, size 10 boot. Seems like if I go low with it I have a hard time getting my toe under it. To high and I am bumping it. I Had cut off the stock lever nipple to about an inch and was riding with my boot beside it. Where should it be and what are some of your preferences.

To be honest, I doubt anyone can answer that for you and the way you ride. If you're bumping it up and down, both, I don't think the position of the shifter is the problem, unless it extends too far outward.

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