Thoughts on the 2004 YZ450F

Alright fellas, I am looking at a smoking deal on an 04 450. I need to know what you guys think. Those that have riddin or owned them give me your feedback, please no flaming or senseless banter. It's a good deal, but it is still a lot of money to me, so you guys' input is valueable to me.



Things to watch for?

Thanks fellas!

Had mine three months...put a 13oz flywheel weight on it and it handles better in and out of turns...good role on just picked one up for 2000...can your deal beat that?

I need to know what you guys think.



Things to watch for?

Nearly indestructible, improved version of the '03. Arguably the best of the steel framed YZ450's, although the '05 fork is quite a bit better.

Good stable handling, but not at all quick. Top heavy, reluctant to turn in. Rails berms really well.

Very Good rear suspension. Forks are great for single chamber forks, but are a long way from the new KYB's or Showas.

Watch out for third and 4th gears wearing the locking lugs and starting to skip in and out of gear under a load.

Do something about the decompression plug if it has the stock plastic one:

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