Help with handguards selection Fastway or Cyrca on 06 XR650R

Wondering if anyone has tryied the fastway handguards and Cycra handguards and what one u liked more. Also concerened with the fit and overall strength. AND are they worth the extra money?? or should i just go with some aluminium bars and bolt on the stock moto guards. If i was to go that rout any brand shown to be better? The bike has been dualsported but will be rode off rode atleast 50% of the time.

Sorry for the spelling.

Thanks for your time

I just put on Cycra guards and they absolutely rock. These are the full bars, not just the deflectors. They were $90 from CycleGear.

Perfect fit with CR-hi bars. Quality product. Looks great.

Nothing really more to say.


What MikeZ said.

I have cycra pro-bends on the stock bars (XR650R). Have taken two major hits on two different occasions and they saved my paws and levers and did not bend and the guards did not move at all. And they completely protect the levers without cutting the levers down to fit. The most recent "test" was a couple weeks ago I clipped a birch tree at speed with the left bar and it immediately dumped me over on the right side on a rock slab, so both sides took a huge hit. Scuffed them up but otherwise perfect.

Can't say the same for the stock bars - I am in the midst of putting on Renthal aluminimum bars, they seem MUCH stronger (definately harder to cut down!). I bent the crap out of the stockers. Although I suppose I would have bent the Renthals too if they were on there...

Haven't tried the other brand you mention, so I can't comment. But I give the cycra's two thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

OK i guess scence it does not seem like anyone has anything good to say about fastway i will go with the cycra. thanks guys

cycra all the way but get the solution mount and you not have any worries i haven't put them on my xr600r but i have them on my crf450x and they do work great and take lots of abuse


Fastway are the more precise hand guards. I wanted to use them, but they did not work with the Scott Stabilizer w/arm going forward. I use the fastway on my KTM. It is a very clean install. The cycra is a more adjustable design that is made to fit many bikes. But, the cycra does not fit my bike well. I was trying to use the front triple clam mounts. The arms seem to be 1/4" short ... so right now I am in Hand guard hell!

do u think that if i got the fastway that were not designed for a stearing stabalizer that i could still put one on the bike and not have a big problem with it

trying to stay as cheap as possible but still get the best bike out of it

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