Plastic Gas Tank Repair

Can anyone suggest a product to repair a hairline crack in the top of a plastic fuel tank?

An RV shop near you may have a fuel tank repair kit. However, I can tell you from experience that this will only be a teporary fix. Over time, it WILL leak again. I have also gone the plastic welder route, but that also failed over time. I ultimately ended up having to go with a new fuel tank, which is the safest thing to do anyway. I was just trying to save a few $$$s.

we use a product called seal- all,comes in tube and kinda like glue, but have used it on all kinds of plastic, steel, and all kinds of things.have even used it on tractor tanks where gas is leaking out of when u put it on.might want to use a couple of coats and u can useas many coatsas u want ,it is miracle stuff. i wont go antwhere without a tube.i even messed up 1 time and way over filled the 40 gal. water tank on my motorhome,and blew a major crack in the tank and used seal-all and duct tape,coat after coat,and used it for years after that...hope it works for u..and i suggest keeping a tube of on yor bike when riding...its great:thumbsup:

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