Cam Performance

I have a 98 YZ400F and I did a search for Hot Cams vs. 450 OE Cam. I found a lot of info for a 426 , but nothing for a 400. I am assuming that the 450 OE cam will give the same broad range as it did for the 426 and the 426 Hot cam would be more benefical when used with the intake cam as a pair. I was just wanting to hear from fellow 400's that have done both swaps. I will probably go with the OE cam due to the money situation. Just looking for some info before I make my final decision. Thanks for your time. :ride: If this posted twice for some reason I appoligize. Computer has a mind of it's own.

i did the hot cams in my 99 400. If i had it to do over again, I would prolly do the 450 cam. it is cheaper and from what I have read gives more power than the hot cam's ex cam alone. on mine, the abrupt low end hit right off the bottom is gone,14/51 geared, and the low end power is way more usable, not sure that is the correct term, but that is the way it feels. It does start a little different than before, but you get used to it pretty quick. We trail ride exclusivly and it is way easier to deal with without the decomp lever now and usually starts on the first kick when warm, no problem. You will need to re-shim probably, and if you don't know whow long the cam chain has been in it, I would put a new one in for sure

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