"67515" written on cylinder head with electric pen


I bought my bike from a friend 3 months ago. He said that he bought it form Holand and the bike has had been rebuilt there.

Few weeks ago I found numbers written with electric pen on my cylinder head on carb side.

I thought that it is bore but it is not (diameter).

I think that it is a diameter of something.

Do you have any ideas?

My guess is it's a work order number.

It could be. So my cylinder head has been rebuilt some time ago. Hm so should I be happy or not?;-)

Actually I just removed my head this morning and it too had 2 sets of numbers scribed in the casting flange of the intake. I had the same question. It is written upside down 61252 on the runner and 9019 or 9015 written at the junction of the head and cylinder. Both are done by hand and not stamped or forged. The 9015 looks scratched in.

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