Cast wheels for XR650R

I am looking to see what other members have done for cast streetbike wheels on their XR R's. I have done some searching and see some posts about cbr wheels but no good info. If anyone has done it or has info on it please let me know. I would like to know about the eligible donor bikes including model and years along with tire sizes used. I have heard about modifying the bearings or making spacers but nothing solid. Also, what about the brake rotors and cush drive. Thanks.

95-98 CBR 600 F3 seem to be the wheels of choice.The are info somewhere on how to put them on a 650R.Try TT or

Search XR650R cast wheels at There is a whole write up on it. I have a pair of wheels I'll sell you if you want to give it a shot. I ended up just going with 17" spokes. This conversion is for someone who can get cheap machine work done or they (or their friend) own a lathe or mill.

Wow, you dug up an old one. Think he's still looking after 3 years?

haha, Now thats funny!

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