Dirt Bike a 1/8 mile track

I have taken my piggy to the race track several times just for fun. The last time I was there I let my son Matt ride it.

It took him a few min. to get used to it but his times got progressively better. His best time was 8.72. Any one else ever try this? The Track in kaleva mi has after hours street drags on Friday night.

During open time trials you have a chance to race almost anything from station wagons to snowmobiles sport bikes to drag cars. Here should be a link to some of the video.

Wish we had something like this in CA. I remember LACR used to have something similar back when I was in high school, but that was a couple of decades ago :-)

Have ran a few dirt bikes at the 1/4 mile track in Ubly, Michigan. It is a lot of fun if you go with a group of friends to race with. Take tools and spare parts so you can modify the bike to see what makes it faster. We changed gearing, tires, removed plastics, lowered the bikes, all in an effort to get the best time. From memory my slightly modded 93 XR650L ran 13.70s, my basically stock 98 WR400 ran 13.02. Friends bikes, Stock XR650L, 14.00, highly modded 85 XR600 ran 12.90s, 01 XR650R, 12.90s, 02 KTM 520 12.80s.

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