WR450 plastics on a WR400

I've done several searches with no luck so here goes...

Has anyone done a full plastic swap from an 03-06 WR450 to a WR400?

- I've got a 2000 WR400 Supermoto that could REALLY use a YZ style tank and seat for better seating position. I'm considering an aftermarket, high capacity YZ400 tank but would prefer to use a WR450 tank, seat, shrouds, rear fender, number plates, etc.

- I'm not opposed to swapping the subframe and airbox but I need to know if that's possible before buying the parts and I don't know anyone with a WR450 that I can pull parts from to test.

I saw that the "Team Scream" YZ426 has some 450 plastics but there weren't many details in the thread regarding what was involved to swap those.

Thanks in advance,


This is a 2001 YZ426 with '03-'05 YZ bodywork, but you should be able to do the same thing with your WR.


So did you need to swap the subframe to make that happen.

And is that a 450 tank? Yes, I know its not stock but is it for a 450 specifically.

It's a YZ 450 3.3 gal (or whatever) IMS tank ...... the subframe and airbox are also 03-05 250/450 YZ parts. Pretty much a bolt on. Just need to make brackets for the tank mount and trim the upper subframe mount of the frame.

There should be alot of info in the YZ forum

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