Pulled the trigger on an Edelbrock

Pulled the trigger today on a new Edelbrock for the BRP. Any tips on getting this thing setup or is it pretty much "plug-n-play"? Good thing Julian said that he is so sure I will love it that he is offering me double what I paid if it doesn't transform my pig into a fire breathing wild boar :applause: :applause: ;-)

there's another one for sale over on ADVrider - hope you like yours better than this guy:


good price there

I've never had the stock carb on the bike, so I can't really say what the difference would be, but I read that it's not really a "fire breathing monster" change. More a response finesse kinda deal

doh - wish I had seen that. $275 is mad cheap

Id like to see a poll between the Edelbrock and the FCR pumper and see which one wins. GL on your carb though you shoulda never looked at the other price though lol just gonna make you mad. Get back when shes installed and give some info on the gains.

Some people love it, some hate it. I think it's a great carb for the pig. Check to see what needle is in it, for the Cali high desert the 19e is a good starting point. One thing you should do is file the front right corner of the hold down "clamp" on the top of the carb. It's a sharp corner that can rub a hole in the bottom of the fuel tank. I didn't use the aluminum fuel elbow that came with the kit, instead I twisted the fuel inlet 45 degrees and used a piece of clear fuel line to the petcock - 2 less connections in the fuel line.

i ain't giving you poop todd LOL i love mine! the best part especially withhow much i go down is the no flooding thing!!! that in itself is worth it. plus the throttle response is great.

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