I'm in Wheel Trouble!!!!

I have been doing some research on wheels for the "airhammer". I am trying to have a set of wheels for the dirt, and a set for the street. I have found different part numbers for the rear hubs on the 650L, BUT my question is, will a rear wheel from a 94 fit onto an 06 650L? From the looks on the outside so far, all mounts, axle, etc are the same, just the hub being different, maybe in bearings.

I bet it will work,

are the swingarms the same part #

You might need the 94's axle?

i compared part numbers at bike bandit between a 2005 xrl and a 94 xrl. heres what had DIFFERENT part numbers betweeen the 2 bike model years.

spokes, hub, wheel, wheel sub-assembly(entire wheel, hub, spokes brgs), tire flap, rim hole cap, brake disc.

just FYI.

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