What fuel should I use ?


I live in Poland. I've got yzf 426 (2001). I'm raiding preaty hard on trials and especiali on sand/mud track with few jumps.

Here in Poland on gas stations we've got:

95 octan fuel with minimum amout of Pb

95 octan fuel without Pb

98 octan fuel without Pb

99 octan fuel without Pb and minimalized amount of S (sulphur)

Which fuel should I use in my yzf 426 ?

If the motor has stock compression then the 95 octane unleaded will be fine.

Of the ones you list, it wouldn't matter too much, but the engine is built to use 95 octane (Research Octane Number) unleaded. Unleaded will burn the cleanest, leaded will make it easier to read spark plugs for jetting, but has no other real advantage.

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