White Brothers e-series (2000 model). How to use plates?


I'm searching on the forum and in the internet how to adjust my White brothers E-series in my Yzf 426. I found few advices but I need more help.

Should I squeeze the plates really hard or only a little ?

I found that less plates gives more quiet is it true?

i have a sheet on the "E" at home, I think it has a torque spec on the bolts, I will check at lunch. yes, less plates is more quiet. 4 plates is the least they recommend using and that is roughly the same as a stock opening according to the manual i have. mine had 7 and would hit 100 db at just off idle, my ears would ring for days. with 4 i am at like 94 idle, still loud but more tolerable.

So If you find the sheet please tell me the torque spec on the bolts. And please tell me should I leave all the plates and only add washers between the number of plates I need. Or use only corect (4-7 ect) number of plates with washers under them?

mine has no washers,just stacked plates.I am running 4 plates and the solid end cap. I don't think the manual shows washers either..... I will check at lunch and post back


no torque specs.... it just says to snug them in a criss-cross pattern then tighten securely and do not overtighten. there are no washers in any of the pix's in the plates either.

So I have to use only the plates. Hmm I thought that I should use washers between them to make space for exhaust gases. In my opinion when I put only the plates and tighten the screws It'll be only shorter or longer exhaust. Exhaust gases would not come out , only by end cap. And when I add spark arrestor I'll block exhaust gases completly.

the exhaust goes between the plates, the end cap makes it go there. I am trying to scan in the manual and get grayracer to post it in the common threads, I am strugging on my part to get that done. mine has no washers and only 4 plates and the exhaust comes out thru the plates. less plates smaller hole and quieter, more plates bigger hole and louder.

But when you don't use spark arrestor and open end cap then exhaust gases goes throught the biggest hole so not throught the plates, so then number of plates doesn't change anything beside exhoust pipe length. Gases takes the easiest way.

that is correct, but they do not reccomend running the e without the end cap.

in the faq's it says

q. can i run a open end cap ?

a. yes, but you will actually lose hp and torque. the end cap has no hole because exhaust exits through a precise gap in the difuser discs. the discs create a suction that extracts spent exhaust gasses from the pipe.

from what i have read it is also way louder without the end cap.

put the end cap on and start with 6-7 plates not counting the block off plate/end cap and adjust from there. and no washers.

This changes everything ;-) So tomorrow I'll put spark arrestor in it closing the exhaust and put 7 plates.

Thanks for advices. I think it is common problem for secound hand e-series owners. It seems to be stupid to close exhaust to make it better but in this case it appears out that close is better then open.

I'm not sure about those washers. My plates are really close to each other without washers. I've e-maild to the previous owner of my E and he told me that I need to use washers between each plate. It seems to be correct in my opinion.

Take a look at 2000 E-series pictures. You can't achieve such a long exhaust end (plates+end cap) without using washers between plates. I use 12 plates and the end is way shorter then this for example:


It's a raptor but the exhaust is the same.

i will get the manual scanned in and posted. i was very happy when i opened up the manual i got with the bike and it was in there. it is kinda weird, no exhaust goes out the end, it all comes out around the end cap. If I did not have the manual, i would have had no clue.

btw how loud is that with the end cap open ????

I'm not sure about those washers. My plates are really close to each other without washers. I've e-maild to the previous owner of my E and he told me that I need to use washers between each plate. It seems to be correct in my opinion.

mine do to. they stack right on top of each other. by adding washers it would be like adding plates and making the flow out the pipe greater.

try it with and without them and only put 1/2 the screws in. that is what i did till i figured out where i liked it, then put them all in.

look in my garage at the pix of my 400... it is the same pipe with 4 discs

Mine while open and with 12 plates sitting tight on each other is way too loud. I don't heve dB meter but it is louder then everything I have ever hear;-) Even louder then my friend Acropovic.

the manual on the E says you can stack 28 plates on it!!!!

that is probably what is in that pix.


here's mine with 4 plates. kinda hard to see, but you get the idea

it could be. But on all pictures I can see space between plates. Take a look at my plates.


can't see them


that is a different end cap, but i see it listed in the options in my sheet.

there is a phone number for wb, but i see you are in poland, so that is probably not an option.

I would just play with it. try it with the end cap blocked and discs with and without the washers. you should be able to tell a big difference is noise alone as you go down in number of discs. those plates look really close together, but i think mine are too. the minimum they recommend is 4, it just may take you a little while to figure it out.

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