New WR 426

Search previous posts using BK Mod as your topic... you will get more than you can digest about it...

As for The DR D hotstart, well, give the Doc a call... there were a few bucks to be saved, but you will have to do a search using Bulk Deal Dubach Hot Start to find those fairly recent posts...



I just bought a new WR 426 with intentions of riding Hare Scrambles, I have so far added a skid plate, brush guards, front disc cover,cross bar pad etc., removed the baffle and the throttle stop. I was reading the post about the B.K. modification and am wondering what that is. Please don't bash me for my ignorance as I have been racing vintage flat track and have just decided to try some thing different. I spend all of my time working on ancient harley's and BSA's and am not very familiar with any of the new bikes on the market. Also where is a good source to purchase a handlebar mounted DR.D Hot Start kit?

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