Anyone's '07 450 still feel too stiff?

Man, I was hoping by now to feel a more "cushy" improvement in my '07's suspension but it still feels too stiff. I only weigh 150 geared up, so in the past I almost always had to soften things up. I have been thinking since I bought my YZ it simply needed more break-in time, but it's just not happening. The suspension is awesome at high speeds, through whoops, but everywhere else it just seems too firm and bouncy. I've tried going up and down a total of 6 clicks on compression and just not getting better. I jump on my buddies '06, and a completely different feeling chassis, it is SO sweet all over the track...

I guess I need to make a call to Factory Connection.....

Slow your rebound down. You are light for the stock springs.

about what rider weight is the 07 450 stock suspension good for?

about 170 - 185lbs...

I wish I weighted lightweight:thumbsup:

about 170 - 185lbs...

I wish I weighted lightweight:thumbsup:

still take a 34 size MX pant !! Not bad for a 41 year old skinny guy in great shape..... !

Start from the softest on all the settings then work your way in. Also make sure the sag is ok, as well as the free sag. Good Luck.

Spoke yesterday with Factory Connection, and yup my '07 is sprung too stiff for my weight of 155 soaking wet and fully geared. They recommend a 5.2kg rear spring, and .43kg fork springs, and they recommend a revalve. I think I am going to try just the springs first, and see how I like the bike then. If still not happy, off to FC goes my suspension for a revalve....

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