Brake Bleeder Pumps

hey guys-

i've got spongy brakes, and i think i've got some stubborn bubbles in there. i've been bleeding them the old fashioned way, and i've decided to try one of these hand pump bleeders.

have you guys had any success with these? do they just add complexity to an already annoying maintenance item?

if this doesn't work, i think i may have something else wrong. might need to do some more detailed brake maintenance.

Kyle, just go to your local auto parts store like autozone, it was like 25.00 and it worked great for me, after putting on a new resivoir on both my bikes. The only way ill bleed my brakes now.



great. i'll give it a try. i'll pay $25 to make this task easier.

Let it sit over night with a zipty holding the lever down, then cut it off and flick the brake line with your finger while you bleed it. This should work, you really dont need anything fancy...

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