thinking of purchasing a 650l...need your insight

that's still what, 30 over? lose your license for awhile?

Yeah, the 1st-2nd shift really stinks unless you really work at keeping everything matched up speed -wise. 3rd-5th shifts like every other normal bike i've owned.

Of well, thankfully most gear changes done in anger once under way is 2nd on up. Can't wait to get some 17's laced up - these new knobbys are two weeks old and the rear is about to the wear bars. Boy those things are fun to slide around on on tarmac - like pushing a rubber pencil.


for the shifting issue try this, works on mine. take up the freeplay in the lever before disengaging clutch and shifting. i helps that 1-2 clunk.

My technique is to let it wind out a little in first (if possible) and lightly preload the shifter. Shifts quite smoothly that way for me:thumbsup:

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