YZs off-road- 18" tire critical or not?

How many of you who ride your YZ-F's MX and off-road have switched to an 18" tire? What's the primary issue with the 19" off-road? Flats? I'm not in a racing situation and when I get to rocks, I'm slowing down so I'm thinking the 19" should be fine for the 25% off-road riding I plan to start doing. The other 75% is going to be "easy" MX.

Comments appreciated.

I race offroad only and I run an 18" wheel on my YZ. The extra sidewall gives me a little more rim/flat protection and I also like the added flex that the bigger sidewall gives you for better traction on rough terrain. The other reason I run an 18" is so I can mount a trials tire for the really gnarly tree-rooted, rocky trails. I have bent up every 19" wheel I've used for offroad racing.

For motocross the advantage of the 19" wheel is less sidewall flex for hard cornering and lighter weight. For the type of riding that you describe I would just stick with the 19" wheel that is on the bike and save the expense of switching. If you find that you start getting lots of flats when offroading then you might want to consider switching but for the track 19" is the way to go.

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