XR650R Oversize Front Brake Rotors??

thread the banjo in with the line off, and measure how far it sticks out when it bottoms by hand.

then measure the width of the fitting+crush washers. if its withing 2 thread widths, its too long.

Ahhhh! Got it!

I will check it this weekend.

Thanks nuke and eastreich!

Switched over to a YZF front wheel assembly...


Thinking of upgrading my stock front rotor. The XR's only kit (rotor caliper extender ect) is $299. A little pricy. Is it worth it and or is there a more economical way to go?????

OK... I read all of the posts and here is the deal... Team Honda did in fact use the "BRAKING" oversized wave rotor. This is expensive ($299.00) and you can buy the EBC oversized kit for around $150.00. This is NOT the Super Motard 320mm deal but the 280mm I believe. It makes a HUGE difference and if you ride a 650R you need and the oversized disk. The bike is just to heavy for the stock sized rotor to work well.


Now I am going to figure this is for racing or Motard. So, money is not always a consideration till it's time to pay the bills and then you find that it's time to work overtime. Got to keep the priorities, stoping on your bike at high speed is more important then the electric bill right? I think my wife understands that.

If you are going to an oversized front rotor you might want to go with the Gafer stainless steel braided brake line also or first. I also am starting to think that the stock brake pads are best. I have tried all of them and will be going back to stock pads next. I have tried EBC, Galfer, Tusk and what ever the guy at the counter would give me. I am going to blead the front brakes again using vacuum. I do like a full floating front rotor. If it is made right (centered) there is much less drag when running free, braking is much more even. All these things should be thought about when thinking brakes.




Paid $100 for complete YZF wheel assembly w/ brake disc. It may not be a Honda wheel, but it bolted right on and it was CHEAP!

Thanks, that's good to know.

Before I purchased the YZF wheel, I cross referenced the wheel bearings, and found that they would fit the axle on my USDs. The wheel spacers lined everything up perfectly, but I have the ability to machine new ones if they didn't.

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