'04 and FMF Q2 revisited

Several months ago, I tried an FMF Q2 on my bike and hated it. While the mid-top was good, low end was really boggy and the bike felt like a slug. But since I've been not riding and letting my injured elbow tendons heal, I decided to play with the Q2 a bit and see what I could do. After talking to my (knowledgeable) dealer a bit, I took his suggestion and dropped the needle 2 clips. Bike is now 100% better. In fact, I like it better than stock! I've ridden it 3-4 times now around my slow speed turning practice track and really like the change. It's not as jerky at low RPM and that low end power hit is smoothed out a little- still there, but smoother and slower, almost as if I'd installed a FWW. And that's all it took, lowering the needle. Easy!

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