04 YZ 450 Downshifting Problem

A guy brought an 04 YZ 450 F into our shop and when road testing it, we found that if you pull the clutch in, you can only downshift to 2nd. At that point, even if you leave the clutch out while you are rolling, the shifter does not "pop" back up until you hit the gas. :excuseme:

Has anyone else observed this problem or is this normal with these?

The bike is really in mint condition with the factory caution stickers on it and I don't think it has more than 4 hours on it...

Normal? You're kidding, right?

There is some sort of damage to the shift shaft, either externally (like it's bent), or internally, behind the clutch. It should return freely in any case.

I had the same problem with mine..On the end of the shifting shaft there is a arm that rotates the shift drum.. It tends to hang up a little.. We buuffed out all the edges and also buffed the entire shift shaft..Problem solved instantly..

I didn't think it was normal, I'm wondering if it is the same part that is affected on the 06 YZ 450 with the recent sticky or as you said, the shifter shaft?

Sounds like it's time to start wrenching....

No, that wouldn't be the stopper lever issue. Something more along the lines of what twowheeldude mentioned, like as not.

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