stalling and petrol leaking Help please.

WR450 04

Today i went out on my bike and noticed it was leaking petrol from the carb overflow when the bike was runnung and stopped. I continued to ride the bike and it started to backfire badly and when i was in third and statred to open the gas the bike died. It starts and runs again so i know its nothing major. I decided to put the bike on the back the trailer because the petrol was still dripping from the carb tube and it was still backfiring badly. Another problem i have noticed is every time i go into first the bike stalls. It also stalls when i change down and dont keep on the gas. The bike does not stall when it is in neutral. I know these are alot of questions which need answering so i will say thanks now.Another reason i need to get it fixed is because my mate rides a Ktm and he does not stop going on about how reliable his F***king bike is.

Cheers guys.

sounds like a dirty carb to me. you might need to spray out your bowl and jets. sounds like your pilot circuit (pilot jet and fuel screw passages) are clogged.

also check to see if the float needle is seating correctly, it might be worn.

Going to clean the carb tomorrow.Would this cause the bike to stall when you off the gas in gear. I dont understand how it doesn't stall in neutral.

Guys you wont believe this. I have found out what the problem is and cant believe it. A little bit of rubber had come off the petrol tap gasket and made its way to float chamber needle causing it to stay open and folld the bike causing it to stall. I have not put the bike back together yet, but i should this will sovle the problem apart from the stalling in first. Hopefully cheap fix. Landed.

I have also had this problem of that gasket disintegrating. Was able to replace just the gasket.

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