2003 yz 450 suspension, help!

I just got an 03' 450, and i need help with my suspension. Currently, my sag is at about 4 cm, now i know i have to lower the compression, but when measuring sag, do i measure it on the stand, then put it on the ground and sit on it? or do i just stand it on the ground then sit on it? And also, how high should i raise my forks? right now they are all the way down..

As for the forks, i only weigh 160 lbs, any suggestions with the compression setting?

I don't have the direct link; but I'm sure grayracer will be chiming in with the link on how to set the Race Sag and Static sag.

I highly recommend that you get a Stormlink linkage for your 03' . This aftermarket linkage will change the head angle of your bike, and make turning quite a bit easier for you. It will also make the bike less prone to standing up in the corner's. I have one on my 04' yz450f (which suffers the same turning idiosyncracy's as your 03')


Click on "products" and then click on "Suspension Linkage" I got mine used for $ 75, and it's worth it even at a Full price.

Once you've done that, go to this:


Your race sag should be 95-100mm, and at yot weight, you may find you have too much free sag.

Lower your fork oil level to 110-120, and put in no more compression damping than necessary to avoid bottoming. On single Chamber KYB's, the rebound clickers also bleed off the mid stroke compression, so too much rebound can make the fork feel harsh over the smaller, hard edged stuff.

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