Bizzard mecanical probleme ?

Hi every body I have a bizzard mecanical probleme, this is: I have ride and the motor have stop like you push the kill switch. Check the bike and find my front timing chain guide have broke in 3 pieces and the timing is side of the crank sprocket. i have put a new timing chain, new front and rear chain guard check the valve for leak whit varsol and assembly everything. When I kick the bike the kiker stop at half of is travel.... If I pull the decompressor lever I can kick the bike like I whant........ ANY IDEA ????

Thanks for help........

Any body have and idea ?????

Please re-type your problem with a little better explaination. I can't make sense of your question the way it's written. I'd like to help but can't understand what your question is as it is typed out. Sorry.


the mechanical problem isnt what is bazzar

try wacking your kicker to free up the piston stroke with the dictionary that you arent using to spell your words with

Id suggest to read your shop manual but it has words in it

How long have you had your bike? Does it have the automatic decompression cam with the manual decomp lever, or is it still manual decompression? If manual decompression, then the operation you describe is normal and you need to learn your starting routine. Even if you didn't have to do so before, it could be that your compression was so weak before it died that you could just kick through the compression stroke. We need more information on the condition and setup of your machine. Hope this helps.


Sorry Im french speaking, but I have fix the probleme by my self...... Thanks

sorry for the smart ass answer I made my French friend

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